Blogtober Day 3 : The Films That Scared Me

Like I said before, I’m not even aiming to do one post a day throughout October. I just don’t have time! But I am aiming to post more frequently and come up with some different ideas through this month. So today I want to talk about a few films – and one TV show – that scared the hell out of me as a kid.

It’s funny, nowadays I really struggle to find much in film that honestly gets under my skin. Compared to when I was a kid, I’ve definitely come a long way. Back then, I jumped at anything and everything, and I had two older brothers who delighted in finding new ways to scare me. But these films in particular stick with me as films that scared me when I was little, then delighted me as I got a bit older. The TV series, on the other hand, is not one I’ve gone back to (yet), though I do hope to do so one day.

Film 1: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Something about this film really freaked me out as a kid, and I feel like it might possibly be due to the stop motion animation and the general clay-likeness of the characters. I never was a fan as a kid of these kind of things – I remember Wallace and Gromit not scaring me, but definitely making me feel uncomfortable – but ended up really appreciating them. When I did finally watch this as a teenager, something clicked and I completely fell in love.

Film #2: Edward Scissorhands

I was really not a fan of this one! Again, I watched as a teenager and really enjoyed it, but as a kid, the gothic atmosphere, the scissorhands, Edward sniping away…it all really freaked me out, and I think I may have had some nightmares as a result of this one, too.

Film #3: Beetlejuice

Again, I think the elements of clay animation were what really freaked me out here, especially when we see faces stretch out and eyeballs pop up into mouths. Fun! But Beetlejuice himself also scared the hell out of me, until at a friend’s party as pre-teens we sat and watched it. I’ve seen it a couple of times since then, and it’s so honestly fun and delightful, but with those dark moments I can recognize as being the reasons I was so scared, especially when my brothers held me still and tried to make me say “Beetlejuice” over and over.

TV: The X-Files

Yeah, this TERRIFIED me. More than any of the others. And it’s the one I haven’t yet revisited (which I do really need to do). I had a full on fear of aliens as a kid, specifically little grey/green men, and those with the ones I associated with the show, though I think what actually happened was my brothers ended up making me watch the alien autopsy video one night, and for some reason maybe I thought that was X-Files? Either way, did not like those types of aliens, and the moment the X-Files theme tune started I was out of the room. I will watch it again. Eventually!

So there you have it – three films and one TV show that really did scare me as a kid. It’s amazing now how little truly freaks me out! (I’m still searching.) So, tell me, what films/TV shows scared you as a kid?

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