Blogmas Day Nineteen: Christmas Albums

I was thinking yesterday, as I shifted from one type of Christmas song to the next, how the wonderful thing about Christmas music is it can come in all sorts of different genres. There’s a lot of variety out there, so even if someone doesn’t like – or is fed up of – the usual Christmas songs, there’s going to be something else they can probably dig their claws into.

So with that mind, I thought I’d highlight the different albums I tend to reach for at this time of year.

The Best Christmas Album in the World…Ever!

Okay yes, this is full of the ‘classics’ but this remains one of the, well, best Christmas albums in the world. Purely because of how much they’re crammed onto it! This version is from 1996, and used to sit in our kitchen, teasing me all year until, finally, December rolled around and we were allowed to put it on. Just looking at the cover brings back a lot of fun Christmas memoires.

Disney Christmas Magic / Disney’s Family Christmas

Yeah I’ve put these two together, because they actually do compliment each other really well. Family Christmas is older, and contains mainly carols and older songs sung by Mickey and company as well as others. It’s a very ‘traditional’ album. Disney Christmas Magic contains some of the songs from Family Christmas, mixed in with music from various films and other media – it’s almost like a ‘Best of’ for Disney Christmas songs, ranging from “When We’re Together” from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure to “Jolly to the Core”, by the main cast from Descendants. It’s a great album for any Disney-mad member of the family.

A Santa Cause / Taste of Christmas

These two have been part of my Christmas music since I was a teenager. Taste of Christmas comes from the bands that did the Taste of Chaos tours, and A Santa Cause is a mix of various bands, creating Christmas songs in aid of charity. Both albums are excellent, mixtures of covers and original songs, and they’re truly refreshing when you need to step away from the over the top cheeriness and excitement.

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