Book Tag: Days of the Week

As you can probably tell, I’m having a lot of fun with these Book Tags! They’re great to do between reviews, and I hope you’re enjoying them too. As always, if you want to give this a go, please do go ahead, and make sure you can tag me as I’d love to read your answers.

I saw this on Ellie Mai Blogs, so make sure you go check out her post too!

Secret Book Sunday

What book or series do you secretly love but you don’t always tell people?

The Vampire Diaries. I don’t tend to have ‘guilty pleasures’ in anything, to the point I actually wrote about ‘Guilty Pleasure’ reading on the blog back in November 2020. I like what I like, and I won’t feel ashamed for that. But Vampire Diaries…well, I read these first four books, and they’re not well written, they’re (now) full of tropes and clichés, and I devoured them completely. They’re just so much fun.

Mash Up Monday

What two books or series do you think would be cool if they were mashed up as one?

This one was really tricky, but inspiration struck when I was scrolling through my read books. Bonnie Quinn’s The Man with No Shadow, a book I read for Esbat: A Bookish Podcast, and Josie Jaffrey’s May Day, the BBNYA winner. Both books are excellent, and all I have in my head now is the idea of Jack and her fellow Seekers going for a team bonding trip to the States and ending up camping on Kate’s ground. The hijinks with Kate realising what they are and Jack and co fighting against the various camp denizens, with both authors having similar dry, sarcastic humour…Okay I seriously want this now.

My review of May Day

Trilogy Tuesday

What is your favourite trilogy?

The answer to this question changes every time I’m asked, but the first trilogy that came to mind reading this question is N.K. Jemisin’s The Broken Earth. All three books are excellent, and it’s one I find my mind returning to fairly often.

Wacky Wednesday

What book has the wackiest story or the wackiest cover?

The characters in Fight Night by Miriam Toews spring to mind with ‘wacky’. The grandmother especially, but plenty of elements of Swiv and her mother feel like that, too. And yeah, the covers – across the various versions – are striking in the use of fonts, colours, and images to convey so much. And of course, within this ‘wacky’ story of a fascinating, wonderful family, there are real, hard lessons to learn, too.

Throwback Thursday

What book or series brings back memories from your past?

Pretty much anything by Jenny Carroll/Meg Cabot. I liked The Princess Diaries fine, but it was The Mediator and Missing/1-800-Where-R-You series’ I really fell in love with, even if I didn’t actually read a whole load of either. There was just something I loved about the paranormal aspects of both, and it definitely sparked a love for these types of stories. Maybe it’s time to revisit them.

Freaky Friday

What book freaked you out the most or what cover?

Not so much ‘freaked’ out, but Cynthia Pelayo’s true crime poetry book definitely got under the skin. The poems are beautiful and wonderful and incredibly sad, and a reminder of how dangerous things can be out there, especially if you’re a woman.

Read my review of Into the Forest and All the Way Through

Shelfie Saturday

Post a picture of your favourite book shelf, couple of shelves or an entire bookcase!

I included this for anyone wanting to do it, but honestly my shelves are in such a state of disarray (I know, I know). I need to do a proper sort out – at the moment I have three almost full bookcases, one just for my TBR, and one which has graphic novels, research books and books about writing. Everything is all over the place, basically!

So there we go – this was a really fun tag to do, definitely let me know if you tackle it!

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