Blogtober Day 31: Happy Halloween!

And it’s finally here – Halloween! The most spookiest time of the year!

What are your plans for today? Have you decorated, or are you more low-key, chill type? Maybe your house has year-round Halloween decorations. All stocked up ready for trick n treaters? Is tonight a time for going out, or for curling up and watching creepy movies, reading some Halloween-type books?

Do you treat yourself for Halloween? I usually try to make sure we have some things in, just in case we do have anyone knocking the door, but if it gets late and no sign of them, well, we have some snacks to enjoy! What about dressing up? I haven’t dressed up for a while but I love seeing people’s costumes, and the different yearly trends.

If you’re a podcast fan, we have a new episode of Esbat out today, talking all about Halloween – our favourite traditions, costumes, and more. It was really fun to record this bonus episode with a few of our DHR contributors, and I hope it’s as fun to listen to.

Whatever it is you’re up to today, I hope you have a great, safe Halloween, doing your favourite Halloween activities (anyone up for bobbing for apples?) and have a fun time.


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