Blogtober Day 31: Happy Halloween!

And it’s finally here – Halloween! The most spookiest time of the year! What are your plans for today? Have you decorated, or are you more low-key, chill type? Maybe your house has year-round Halloween decorations. All stocked up ready for trick n treaters? Is tonight a time for going out, or for curling upContinue reading “Blogtober Day 31: Happy Halloween!”

About Esbat: A Bookish Podcast

For anyone who may not have seen it, I have a new project! Along with my good friend Regi (one of the Divination Hollow contributors), I host Esbat: A Bookish Podcast. So far we have four episodes out (including the introduction episode) and release every two weeks. We’re really enjoying ourselves with this so far,Continue reading “About Esbat: A Bookish Podcast”

Podcast Review: 36 Questions

Two-Up ProductionsMusic & Lyrics: Chris Littler and Ellen WinterStaring: Jonathan Groff and Jessie Shelton I don’t normally review podcasts on the blog, mainly because I have so many to catch up and most have too many episodes for me to consume in one go. 36 Questions is different. It’s only three episodes long, less thanContinue reading “Podcast Review: 36 Questions”