Reading Challenges Update

I thought since it is the 1st of the month, I’d do a quick update on my reading challenges. I’m writing this a little early, but hopefully I’ll have time to come back and update it before it goes live, if I have anything to update on.

2023 Reading Challenges Post

For this year, my overall goal is to read 70 books – at the time of writing, I’m on 6, which I’m really happy with!

Disney Reading Challenge: The Lion King – Can You Feel the Love Tonight? – Friends to Lovers Trope

For this I had picked out Always You by Caroline Khoury. Unfortunately this was a DNF, so I’ll have to find something else for friends to lovers!

Disney Reading Challenge: Dumbo – Baby Mine – A book that features a baby/or a child

I picked out The Runaway Girls for this, and so far it’s the only challenge book I’ve completed! One down, and a fair few more to go.

Disney Reading Challenge: Zootropolis – Bunny Cop – A book that features a police officer/in police force

Small Town Girl is a book that’s been on my TBR for way too long, and at the time of writing this, I’ve almost finished it. Definitely regret not reading this sooner, but so happy for this challenge that got me to finally pick it up!

Netflix Movies & TV Shows: Shadow and Bone – Book with a film adaptation

I went for the obvious choice for this one, and actually started Shadow and Bone recently. I’m not very far into it, but so far it matches up with the TV show, so there’s no major surprises right now.

Netflix Movies & TV Shows: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – High School/College Romance

The Upside of Unrequited is my currently audiobook, and I’m really enjoying this so so much! Does it say a lot about me if I admit it is ridiculously relatable to me? Then again so was Kate in Waiting.

I haven’t included here the books I haven’t read yet, but maybe by next time I’ll have knocked a few off and can look at the next lot of prompts. What about you – are you doing any reading challenges this year and, if you are, how are you getting on with them one month in?


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