Reading Challenges Update #2

I feel like I’m making good progress with these challenges, and I’m going to try and do these updates once a month, though at the moment they are scheduled a fair bit in advance. That suits me though, and it’s nice having that bit of leeway. I’ve added a few more on, but I don’t think I’ll do another ‘here’s what I’ll be reading’ post for a while. We’ll see how it goes!

Reading Challenges / Update #1

Goal – 13/70 Books Read

Disney Reading Challenge
3/40 Prompts Completed

The Lion King – Can You Feel the Love Tonight? – Friends to Lovers Trope

I was going to read Always You for this one, but unfortunately I DNF’d it. I’ve replaced it with If This Gets Out, so hopefully will read that soon!

Zootropolis – Bunny Cop – A book that features a police officer/in police force

I finished reading Small Town Girl by Donna McLean, and it’s a truly excellent book. Well worth a read. 5/5

Tangled – Here comes the smoulder – A book with a smoulder MMC

For this I read Mystic Bonds by C.C. Solomon. This one was a bit of a disappointment, and would have been a DNF if it wasn’t for the challenge. 2/5

2023 Tarot Reading Challenge
0/184 Prompts Completed

I haven’t made much progress with this one, but I think I’ll be focusing on some of the books I picked out for this challenge now I’ve read a few for the Disney one.

The High Priestess Reversed – A random TBR selection

This one was kind of easy to pick for, and I went with the audiobook Mad & Bad by Bea Koch. I don’t have much longer left in it, so will hopefully be finishing it soon!

Netflix Movies & TV Shows
1/24 Prompts Completed

Shadow and Bone – Book with a film adaptation

I’m currently still reading Shadow and Bone – I started while I was partway through another book, and put it aside for a bit to focus on finishing the first one. But I am enjoying it and hopefully will finish it soon.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – High School/College Romance

I finished The Upside of Unrequited and absolutely loved it. I listened to the audio version and really enjoyed it – the narration for this was really good.

I’m (slowly) progressing with these challenges, and I find they’re really helping me get through my books, especially as they do cut down on the time I spend choosing a book! With the ebooks, I have been alternating between challenge and non-challenge books, rather than just focusing on the challenge.

Are you doing any reading challenges this year? How are they going for you?


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