Book Review: Stars Collide by Rachel Lacey

Format: ebook
Release Date: May 2nd, 2023
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance – LGBT+ (wlw)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Inject this into my veins! Seriously, this book gave me so much joy. Huge thanks to Montlake for providing me a copy via NetGalley, and giving me the chance to meet and spend time with Eden Sands and Anna Moss.

These two are adorable. Anna has admired Eden for most her life, so of course she’s over the moon to be invited to duet with her at the Grammys. Anna is a rising star, the next big thing, with a teen bop bubbly personality that she’s trying to shed. Eden has been famous for a long time, unsure of herself after her last album failed and her tour hasn’t sold out. But maybe bringing Anna along will help with that…

I loved both these women. Anna is trying to appear more adult, while Eden is discovering herself in a way she hasn’t been able to before. She’s only a few years older than Anna, but Anna is confident, outgoing, and sure of who she is. The dynamic works so well, as Eden helps Anna show the world she’s a young woman, not a girl, and as Anna helps Eden with her own personal journey.

I also loved the cast of characters around them, and Lacey has done an excellent job surrounding these two women with other women, as friends and as part of both their teams. Eden has not long come out of a mediocre marriage, but is still friends with her ex-husband, and doesn’t quite understand all the fuss around love and romance. It’s safe to say these two fall in love, but when the book starts Eden doesn’t yet realise she isn’t straight. I absolutely loved this element of her character, as we see her journey unfold on the page, starting with her admiring Anna for how confidently she claims her own identity.

There’s only a few years difference between them, but just enough so Eden initially seems a bit older, and she’s surprised when she finds out Anna’s age. A mixture of factors mean Eden never really had the same opportunities as Anna in regards to figuring out her sexuality, and there’s so much in Eden that is realistic and relatable as someone coming to terms with their sexuality in their 30s. I loved how Anna was able to help her through it, too, and she really does know the right things to say, encouraging Eden to do things at her own pace.

It’s a really lovely book, and true escapism, especially with the pop star lifestyles these two women lead. But it also shows how lonely it can be at the top, and deals with the difficulties that can come with fame. These two characters tackle the challenges they face, together, and I loved spending every second with them. If you’re looking for a sweet, fun wlw romance, you’ll want to pick up Stars Collide.


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