#5OnMyTBR: Dystopia

#5OnMyTBR is a bookish meme hosted by E. @ Local Bee Hunter’s Nook  and you can learn more about it here or in the post announcing it. It occurs every Monday when we post about 5 books on our TBR.

Weirdly, I don’t actually have many dystopia titles either on my virtual or physical shelves, so for this one I’ve run out at only three! Maybe I need more – if you’ve participated in today’s #5OnMyTBR, please link me to your post, as I can definitely use some reading recommendations for this one!

#5OnMyTBR May 1st: Dystopia

Dark Lullaby by Polly Ho-Yen

Format: ebook
Genre: Horror – Sci-Fi

Firstly, that is one brilliant cover – it conveys so much! And the premise focuses around parenthood, with the blurb mentioning The Office of Standards in Parenting. This sounds intriguing and horrifying all at once. It’s been on my TBR for a while now, but I do feel pretty keen to read this, so might try and see if I can get to it soon.

The Loop by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Format: ebook
Genre: Thriller – Horror

Hmm – I’m intrigued to see if this is more dystopia or apocalypse, based on the blurb. It has been tagged as ‘Dystopia’, so maybe the initial setup is dystopian? I hope so! It sounds like a different kind of zombie book, too, and I feel like zombies are something that can easily go either way in terms of quality, so I’ll see how this one goes.

Goldilocks by Laura Lam

Format: Paperback
Genre: Sci-Fi – Thriller

This sounds so interesting – the setup involves increasing restrictions on freedoms of the women of Earth, which…sounds less ‘dystopian’ now and more ‘the way it is right now’, am I right ladies? Haha…ugh. Anyway! Yes! Book sounds dark but fun and interesting and has a sort of almost heist vibe to it, too? Really looking forward to this.

So three dystopian books currently on my shelves, and as I said, if you have any recommendations please just let me know.


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