Book Blogger Hop: May 26th – June 1st

Are you reading more e-books lately?
(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)

So going back a good few years now, I used to be very adamant about physical books, and not wanting to even touch a Kindle or e-reader, and how could I possibly read a book I couldn’t display on my shelf! Or something like that anyway. Then I started getting more into blogging, and picked up some arcs, and booted up a very old second hand Kindle lying around, and…

Well, it wasn’t long before I was buying a new Kindle to read all these shiny arcs on! Then I discovered NetGalley and, well, the majority of my reading is now on e-books. I used to alternate whatever book I took to work and read at night, but now I WFH, I still swap a physical for e-book every night, but I read e-books at lot at my desk, between writing, editing, blog posts, etc etc.

So yes, in recent years I have gradually increased the amount of e-books I’ve been reading, and I’m really grateful for that – a lot of my e-books come to me as arcs, or I take advantage of Amazon’s ‘First Reads’, and pick up books when they’re on sale – in truth, I really haven’t spent very much on e-books at all, which makes it much easier to read so many of them! And it’s wonderful when authors put books for free or on discount, as it means even when I’m broke, I can pick up a new book.


2 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: May 26th – June 1st

  1. I have been reading more ebooks than printed for years. I used to travel a lot on business and it was just more convenient. And yes, often cheaper. I also use Netgalley. Funnily I recently started reading more print again, but mostly second hand.

    I started to consistently use StoryGraph last year and this is what it gives me for 2022:
    Digital 54%
    Print 20%
    Audio 26%

    It used to be a lot less audio, but Audible added at lot of good and free content for subscribers, I am catching up with a lot of backlog that way.

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