Blogtober Day Twelve: Books I Should Have Read

Blogtober Day 12

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Challenge List – Anniek’s Library 

I don’t tend to set myself goals for reading specific books in a certain year or month, but I do admit I have a problem with picking up books, putting them on my TBR and letting them slowly get covered by others. My TBR is a literal stack, which means the older books tend to get lost. They’re still visible, I just can’t get to them without difficultly or risking the whole thing coming down.

For this list, I checked some of the books I purchased last year on Amazon, and came across three I haven’t yet read. I could have used my TBR, but honestly, unless I’m picking out a book, looking at it kind of induces slight panic.

So, three books I purchased and should have read last year.

The Girl and the Grove – Eric Smith

the girl and the grove.jpgI picked this up because a long time ago, I started following Eric Smith on Twitter. For those aren’t aware, he’s an agent and now also a writer, who always seems really supportive of his writers. I really think I’ll like this one, let’s hope I can get to it some time before 2030!

Empty Cradles – Margaret Humphreys

empty cradles.jpgI can’t remember how I heard of this book, but I knew instantly it was one I had to read. I try to read a variety of nonfiction, and the stories of children shipped across the British empire is one that really intrigues me. But it’s quite a big book, and one that deals with a fairly emotional topic, so every time I’ve gone to pick it up, I’ve sort of hesitated. I think I need to be in the right frame of mind to tackle this one.

Mondays Are Red – Nicola Morgan

mondays are redThis is one I picked up, because it sounded intriguing, put on my TBR, and watched as other books appeared on top of it – funny how that happens, isn’t it? It’s not got great reviews on Goodreads, but I still want to read it. I just need to clear the books from on top of it, first.

So there we go, three books I should have read last year. Let’s hope they don’t appear on the same list this time next year. Are there any books you’ve put off reading? Or have you read any of these and think I should definitely check them out urgently?




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