Happy New Year!

As I write this, it is the evening of December 31st, and fireworks are already going off. I’ll be scheduling this for tomorrow, January 1st, and want to take it as an opportunity to say thank you.

To you, whoever is reading this, thank you, and Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone who has read my words on this blog, checked out Divination Hollow, followed me on Twitter, read any of my short stories. I mean it when I say every view, every like, every comment really fills my heart with joy. I am grateful for every person who follows me, or who seems even remotely interested in my words.

2020 has, overall, been bad. But some good things have happened, too! I have made more friendships this year with ‘online’ friends, and many of them have made certain aspects of this pandemic much more bearable. I moved in my BF in November, and I’ve had people reach out to me about certain things, or share kind words about my writing, and who probably don’t realise the impact they’ve had, but who show me in some small way that what I am doing is valuable.

I think at the end of some years, it becomes a weird conflict; yes, I want this year to end and am excited for the next one, but also I am scared, worried, anxious. It always seem strange, because it’s just another date in the calendar, but I think this year the juxtaposition is much more stark. I feel strangely optimistic about 2021 (how can you not, after 2020?) and I hope I can continue to grow and stretch myself. And yet, we are now leaving the EU officially, and a lot we once took for granted is going to be altered. It’s kind of scary, approaching this deadline.

2021 will be better than 2020. Thank you for taking the time to check out my little blog, spending some of your time on my words, and for seeming interested in what I have to say. No end of year top books for me this year – I read almost 130, have reviewed most of them, and would be hard pressed to pick top or favourite books. But thank you, for being there with me as I make my journey through as many books as I possibly can.

Happy New Year, because we finally get to say goodbye to what has been a historical year, and hello to what will hopefully be a much better one.

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