Deadpool Kills Deadpool – Deadpool Killogy #3

by Cullen Bunn, Salvador Espin (Illustrator)
Publisher: Marvel
Format: Paperback
Release Date: December 17th, 2013

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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I do so enjoy reading Deadpool comics. There’s just something about the Merc with a Mouth that is consistently irresistible. And that especially applies to the Killogy series, in which Deadpool first learns he is a comic book character, and cannot die due to the continuity, so sets about killing as many of Marvel’s heroes as he can. Realising this didn’t change anything, he jumps into the world of literature, facing off against various archetypes.

Capping that all off is Deadpool Kills Deadpool, where we discover Deadpool isn’t the 616 version of Deadpool, and actually there are a lot of Deadpools running around who don’t want to die at the hands of a multiverse version of themselves.

This graphic novel is ridiculous and over the top, so of course it’s a hell of a lot of fun to read. The various Deadpools we see are a wild mix, with some being alternatives to other characters (Duckpool, for one). There’s also a strange being watching the proceedings, and guiding Deadpool through.

There is a fair amount of brutal gore in this one. The deaths get a little creative, especially as some versions of Deadpool have the same healing ability as the Deadpool we’re familiar with.

This isn’t a hugely ground-breaking comic, especially following on the heels of the other two titles in this series, but it is fun and like Deadpool himself, really doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you like Deadpool and want to see him both at is best and his ‘worst’, The Deadpool Killogy is worth checking out.

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