Graphic Novel Review: iZombie, Volume 3: Six Feet Under and Rising

Publisher: Vertigo
Format: TPB
Release Date: February 1st, 2012

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Volume 1 Review / Volume 2 Review

Once again, as much as I love the iZombie TV show, I am slightly disappointed we don’t get to see this on the screen. This being Gwen’s ‘adventures’ as a zombie, helping the dead complete unfinished business, with the occasional input from friends Ellie, a ghost, and Spot, a were-terrier. Volume 3 is where a lot of the overarching story really comes into play, and we’re introduced to a whole new set of characters, too.

The art in this volume feels stronger and cleaner than previous ones, as well as being more consistent as we move through the different issues. The colouring isn’t something I usually talk about specifically (to be fair, I am far from an expert) but it really is used to great effect here, separating the different storylines running parallel.

In this volume, we’re introduced to more monsters, as well as what seems to be a secret government organisation known as ‘The Dead Presidents’. We get more of a glimpse into the different fractions, and a stronger sense of the world as a whole. It really feels like it’s volume 3 where the creators were able to expand the world, rather than keeping it limited to Gwen, her friends and the town.

We’re getting closer to the end here, too, with Volume 4 being the last one (mildly upsetting to me). I’m not quite sure how everything is going to get wrapped up in just one more volume, but I am excited to find out.

Volume 3 feels a bit stronger than 2, with more of a direction, and things start to tie together really well. I really like this series, and definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something fun, engaging, and not particularly long-running.

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