Just checking in with a quick couple of updates, friends! Things have been very very busy recently and it’s been hard to keep up, but some exciting stuff has happened, and hopefully that’ll continue into the next year.

Short Stories

When it comes to writing, I’m definitely going into the end of the year on a high! I currently have a short story out in Were Tales: A Shapeshifter Anthology called “Fight or Flight”, and “You’re Never Fully Dressed” will be appearing in The Dead Inside from Dark Dispatch. I also had another short story acceptance last week, and hopefully details of that will be coming out soon. As well as these, “The Black Sow” featured on The NoSleep Podcast’s 2021 Halloween episode! I am definitely chuffed with all of these, as they include appearing alongside some of my absolute favourite authors. What an honour!


I’ve added a new page to my editing website – Gifts. With the holiday season approaching, I know there’s a little bit of worry around presents with current supply chain issues, and it general I thought this would be a nice option for family and friends of writers who might not be sure what to get them! I’ve edited a wide range of work, and I’ve tried to make the form as simple as possible, as well as including an option for the email – informing the recipient of their gift – to be sent on a specific day. So if you’re a writer and looking to have something edited, well, point your loved ones in my direction!

This week I have been busy (again!) as I am working through some things, with the plan of taking Friday off for my birthday, but I’m hoping to get some more reviews done on the weekend, and might even have a plan to do a tag or two soon. Hopefully it won’t be long before the blog is back on a more regular schedule but until then, if it does go a little bit too long without a post, I’ll just try and put something up, even if it’s short like today’s.

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