Reading Challenges Update #4

I can’t believe it’s May already! Where are the months going? This month feels weird already, as it’s got three Bank Holidays (two we get every May, a third for the coronation – I’m not a fan of the monarchy but an extra day off work is nice!), plus I’m going away for a few days to see family, and there’s two big opportunities related to writing I’ll be hearing about this month. With all that going on, I have no idea if I’ll be able to make much progress with the reading challenges, but that’ll be something to talk about next month!

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Goal – 31/70 Books Read

Disney Reading Challenge
5/40 (+2)2023 Tarot Reading Challenge
5/184 Prompts Completed Prompts Completed

I’ve done quite well with this one, though I admit it’s only increased by two I still feel like it’s more progress than I’ve made before!

Currently Reading
The Jungle Book – a book where the MC has your dream job

Yes, I am still reading The Dark Half – I had to put it aside for a fair while due to a blog tour book, but I’m back in and hoping to get this finished before the end of May.

The Sword in the Stone – a book that mentions a historical figure

I’m currently listening to one of ‘The Great Courses’, and thought it was a good opportunity for this prompt – I’m not that far into The Life and Works of Jane Austen, but I’m really enjoying it.

The Lion King – friends to lovers trope

I absolutely loved If This Gets Out, a wonderfully sweet YA Romance about two boys in one of the world’s biggest boy-bands, Saturday. I’ll hopefully be able to get the review for this up soon.

Pocahontas – a forbidden romance

I was left feeling a touched disappointed by A Breath of Sunlight. Overall I just think it’s one of those books that’s not for me. Hopefully get my review up in the next couple of weeks!

Books To Read: The Stranger Times, A Terrible Kindness, The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi

2023 Tarot Reading Challenge
5/184 (0) Prompts Completed

No progress made on this one this month, hopefully will in the next month though. And I’m not currently reading anything here, either. Will have to make sure I read some in May!

Books To Read: The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches, The Harrowing of Doom, Rebel Witch

Netflix Movies & TV Shows
5/24 Prompts (+1) Completed

Only one ‘marked off’ for this one, and I’m not currently reading anything from this challenge – so will have to make more of an effort for this one, too, in May.

Enola Holmes – Independent Woman

I was left feeling unimpressed by the audiobook for How Not to Fall in Love, Actually – this is, admittedly, less “independent woman” than I first thought and more “sheer luck keeps me from learning any lessons about my decisions and how I treat people judgemental woman”. It’s another ‘review to come’ one but it’s going to be a bit of a ranty one, I’m afraid.

Books to Read: The Rake, The Good Luck Girls, Made in Manhattan

I think I’m going to read The Stranger Times book next – it’s been sitting on my kindle for way too long! And I’m excited to read it, as I have heard good things. As always, let me know if you’re participating in any reading challenges this year and how you’re getting along. I’d love to hear from you.


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