Blogtober Day 23: A Day In My Life

Blogtober Day 23

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For this, I’m going to take a weekday, because my weekends tend to be pretty different from one another, depending on whether I’m home or at my BFs, if I need to run errands, what needs to be done etc.

So a typical weekday, for me, then.

I get up around 7:10, have a shower, get ready for work. Sit in front of the TV and watch the news while having a cold coffee straight from the fridge. I then walk to work, playing Wizard’s Unite. For my day-job, I work as an administor, so it’s mostly processing work, auditing it, and filing.

After work, I sometimes go to Tesco with the BF then walk home, get a bus home or up the town centre, or, when I’m lucky, get a lift home from one of the wonderful women I work with. At home, until 6PM, I’ll watch YouTube videos with the BF, before he heads off to catch the train back home.

Some people might be aware I have recently started beta-reading through the website Fiverr. If I have a job on, this is when I’ll get on with it. For longer jobs, it’s mostly all I do in the evening, though I take a couple of breaks here and there, checking social media or playing games on my phone.

If the work is a little shorter, I have more time, then I do what me and my BF refer to as ‘Ellie Things’. If I have no work, I write amongst other things, instead. Ellie Things are a mixture – a bit of time spent on games, such as Sims or Planet Coaster or Jurassic Park Evolution. Games where my brain can shut off and I can listen to podcasts while being entertained and letting my mind fester in whatever story I’m working on.

Browse a few different websites, read an article or two, maybe work on a blog post, then either read a bit of a magazine or graphic novel, research or make notes from books about writing, maybe some colouring instead. Making sure at some point, I read some of whatever book I have to review next, either for this blog or for Dead Head ReviewsThen it’s some time spent on beta-reading or writing my own work.

It’s these parts that make my day – being able to do what I want to do, and if I’m not at my BF’s, it’s what I do mostly on weekends too. Ideally, I’ll be in my pjs at my laptop, maybe with a latte from Greggs – a situation the BF calls ‘An Ellie in her natural habitat.” He knows me very well.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Not very interesting, but a quick insight into my day!