That Dreaded TBR #18

Another Monday, another instance of my attempts to whittle down my Goodreads ‘want to read’ shelf. Once I hit 20, I’m going to take a little break from this and have something else in the works to post between reviews.

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I originally saw this on Becky’s Book Blog


Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
Order on ascending date added.
Take the first 5/10/however many books. If done again, start from where you left off.
Read the synopses of the books
Decide: should it stay or should it go?

Paramount – Nadia Scrieva

This sounds like it could be interesting, but the blurb is so long and feels a bit convoluted, it doesn’t give me great faith in the actual story itself. There just feels already like there might be a lot – possibly too much – crammed into this book. And there’s so many other books to read. Sorry, Paramount.

Status: Gone

A Stir of Echoes – Richard Matheson

And with this, we move from July to August 2013. I read and absolutely loved Matheson’s I Am Legend, and I likely added this when I wanted to read more of his work. And this sounds spooky, maybe something I would still enjoy.

Status: Keep

The Old Man and the Wasteland – Nick Cole

This definitely sounds like an intriguing idea – post apocalyptic without zombies. And the use of The Old Man and the Sea sounds like it could be interesting. I’m intrigued by this one, as it sounds – still – like it might be slightly different than other similar tales. I still want to read this one.

Status: Keep

Dead Souls – Edited by Mark S. Deniz

I absolutely adore anthologies. I love the experience of delving into short stories, and finding new-to-me authors. Short stories are such an excellent form, and this one sounds really intriguing. It seems to have a variety of different names too, some I recognize and some which I really don’t. I’d love to finally get around to reading this.

Status: Keep

Ink – Sabrina Vourvoulias

Hm, I am a little torn on this one. It sounds like it could be a truly intriguing read, and if it’s handled well, it could even be great. The reviews are mixed, but the premise is enough for me to actually consider picking this one up. Guess it’s another ‘get to eventually’ book then.

Status: Keep

My August 2013 tastes must align more with my current than my July 2013. Only one gone! That’s not very good. Hopefully we can clear more next time. As always, would love to hear from you if you agree/disagree with the choices, or if you’ve read any of these!

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