Blogtober Day 17: Reading Drinks

Blogtober Day 17

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There’s nothing like setting down with a good book and a favourite beverage. Personally, I love writing when I have a coffee (preferably latte) or glass of Jack Daniels and coke at my side. For reading, it’s not too dissimilar, though I very rarely read with a drink – my main reading time is at work on lunch, or before bed.

But when I go away – for example, visiting my brother in Margate – I love to sit with a coffee and read, as usually it’s one of the few times I’m disconnected from the need to write or work or whatever it is I usually do when I’m in front of my laptop.

And there’s a particular reason coffee and book shops go well together. There’s something lovely about curling up with a hot drink and sinking into a good book. For me, it would have to be a flavoured coffee (I do love Beanies) or latte with some sort of syrup.

If I had the time, the evenings now and then would probably consist of me curling up with a book and glass of wine, or sinking into a hot bath with both of those things. So yeah, my preferred reading drinks would be coffee/latte or a glass of fruity/rose wine.

Are there any particular drinks you like to read with?


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